"Technopolis-Acropolis" target is to achieve an ambitious qualitative and economic progress in the information technology and telecom fields through technological, economical and cultural development in the local society as well as in the whole country. Its priority is to achieve the following:

  • Concentration of ITC activities in one place.
  • Housing in modern state-of-the-art , environment-friendly facilities
  • Access to common area facilities, high-tech equipment and high-quality services
  • Promoting communication and cooperation among employees and companies.
  • Bringing together all the ITC companies.
  • Building up the status of the IT sector to a strong economical and industrial entity.
  • Research & Development on new products and technology services.
  • Promotion of cooperation and of joint ventures.
  • Strengthening export and investment activities
  • Participation in European R&D programs.
  • Attracting foreign investors
  • Repatriation of distinguished Greek scientists and engineers who live abroad
  • Reduction of operational costs
  • Joint efforts between research institutions and ITC companies, exploitation and utilization of research results.
  • Development of social and cultural activities for the employees
  • Creation of job openings, contribution to the local community
Social Contribution
The infrastructure and Operations of Technopolis-Acropolis will have a positive effect on the surrounding area since it will act as an economic development leverage as well as create employment opportunities.