Acropolis Technological Park will be developed in a land plot of 430.000 m2 out of which 216.000 m2 are eligible for development. The plot’s acquisition cost totalled € 5, 6 million and was provided by the Shareholders of Acropolis Technological Park S.A.

In order for this project to be developed, several infrastructure facilities have to be constructed. Following the need for providing adequate infrastructure as laid out by the relevant legislation, Acropolis Technological Park S.A has established ΒΕΠΕ Entity (Technopolis Acropolis), having as its main responsibility the provision of the necessary infrastructure. As soon as the construction of infrastructure (networks & buildings) is completed, ΒΕΠΕ Entity will transformed into ΒΕΠΕ Management Entity, which will undertake the management of the existing infrastructure.
The total building area will be 108.000 m2 representing, according to the provided Urban Planning Report, an average construction coefficient of 0.5. The complex will include three (3) separate building sectors as the following figure illustrates:
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Out of the permitted construction area, 95.300 m2 will be office facilities, out of which 70.000 m2 will be sold to shareholders and 25.300 m2 will be leased or sold to third parties. The remaining 12.700 m2 will house various income and non income producing support facilities. More specifically, the 10.187 m2 will be income producing facilities housing retail, restaurant, conference center, stands & cafes, a guesthouse and athletic facilities and 2.513 m2 will be non income producing facilities consisting of administration headquarters, exhibition center and technical support buildings.
The analysis of 12.700 m2 of “supporting facilities” is presented below:
  • Retail shops 2.465 m2 (to be leased or sold)
  • Various restaurants 1.575 m2 (to be leased or sold)
  • Sports Facilities (spa, gum and vegetarian restaurant) 2.110 m2 (to be leased or sold)
  • Pharmacy, medical and first aid facilities 630 m2 (out of which 550 m2 can be leased)
  • Technopolis Acropolis headquarters 860 m2 (non income producing)
  • Technical support Facilities 1.100 m2 (non income producing)
  • Conference center and restaurant 2.320 m2 (periodically used for conference meetings, restaurant to be leased)
  • Exhibition Center 460 m2 (non income producing)
  • Guesthouse 755 m2 (to be leased)
  • Stands, Cafes and Guard Houses 425 m2 (approximately 300 m2 can be leased)

Furthermore, there will be:

  • 48.420 m2 of underground parking spaces for 1,614 cars,
  • parking spaces will be bought by shareholders (owners of 70,000 m2 of offices) at construction cost (including infrastructure cost)
  • 345 parking spaces to be rented separately (for the 25.300 m2 of offices)
  • 314 parking spaces allocated to supporting facilities (out of which 39 parking spaces can neither be leased nor sold).
  • 620 outdoor parking spaces (non income producing).
  • 16.200 m2 of storage space
  • 10.500 m2 will be bought by shareholders (70,000 m2 of offices)
  • 5.700 m2 will be sold or rented separately.

Photos of the development area

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