The required infrastructure consists of two parts and is required by the law (Ministerial Decree Φ/Α/19.2/22514/2004 ΦΕΚ 1848 Β 13/12/2004). The first part includes the construction of the infrastructure networks with total estimated cost of € 19, 03 million. This cost includes:
  • Internal Road Network
  • Drainage Network
  • Sewage Network
  • Landscape and Outdoor Parking
  • Telecommunications
  • Electric Supply
  • Water Supply
  • Street Lighting Facilities
  • Fire Protection System
  • Natural Gus Network
The second part includes the construction of several supporting buildings with total build area of 8.660 m2 and total estimated cost of €14, 96 million. From the above subsidised buildings, 6.035 m2 will be income producing and the remaining 2.625 m2 will be non income producing. Infrastructure subsidies for supporting buildings include:
  • Conference Center & Restaurant: 2.320 m2 (income producing)
  • Exhibition Center: 460 m2 (non income producing)
  • Gym, Spa Facility and Vegetarian Restaurant: 2.110 m2 (income producing)
  • Guard Houses and Stands: 425 m2 (out of which 300 m2 - income producing)
  • Technopolis Headquarters and Technical Support Center: 1.960 m2 (non income producing)
  • Children care, medical (first aid) and pharmacy: 630 m2 (out of which 550 m2 - income producing)
  • Guesthouse: 755 m2 (income producing)
The total infrastructure cost is estimated to € 34 million and the provided subsidy from the 4th European Supporting Framework is estimated at 35% to € 11, 9 million.
As soon as the construction of the Sewage and Drainage networks is certified (from the Ministry of Development), building permits can be issued. The completion of all related infrastructure marks the abolition of ΒΕΠΕ Entity and the establishment of ΒΕΠΕ Management Entity, which will have as main responsibility the management of the provided infrastructure.