Although P.A.TH.E highway is not regarded as a prime office market, the last two years many companies selected this particular area in order to establish their offices (administration) buildings or their production lines, due to the easy access (by car) that it provides.

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Especially, the nearby road that goes alongside with the P.A.TH.E Highway and begins from the Agios Stefanos exit, shows significant development as it had been selected by many companies in order to establish mainly their administrative buildings. Examples include the Germanos S.A group of companies, Folly – Folly S.A., Gerolymatos Aluminum e.t.c. The aforementioned area is located close to Acropolis Technological Park’s site (approximately 1 km distance).
Additionally, two major office complexes had been completed during the last two years providing approximately 20.000 m2 – 25.000 m2 of new office space. The specific developments along with the completed or under completion facilities are presented in the following images. The data have been collected after on-sight investigation.
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  1. Military camp
  2. Headquarters of “Germanos S.A”
  3. Developed Office Facilities (Completed)
  4. Offices – New Development (Administration building and Production line) - Wines and Spirits
  5. Small Exhibition Center
  6. Office (Administration building) of Isoglass “Karvelas S.A”
  7. Offices (New development – under construction) “Bioter S.A”
  8. Supermarket LIDL
  9. New Office Facility (under development)
  10. Logistics
  11. New Office and Retail Facility (under development)
  12. New Office and Retail Facility (under development)
  13. New Office and Retail Facility (under development)
  14. Office Complex (Five different buildings approx. 2.000 m2 each)
  15. Office Campus (approx. 10.000 m2)
On the other hand the area is characterized by the lack of retail buildings. Slight change of retail activity is appearing, especially due to the construction of new buildings which include retail spaces. Nowadays the only retail buildings that exist in the area support the operation of the above mentioned offices and include cafes, fast food restaurants and a supermarket.